Where are you in your career change?

Tackle burnout and prepare for making change.

Discover new pathways when you don't know what's next.

You know what you want, but need help landing the gig.

You need a new job ASAP!


Fill your creative tank and get energized for making bold change.

Career change can be a marathon. Start with uplifting self-care to bring your best-self to the starting line.

View your strengths and talents through the eyes of people who will help you make your next move.

What Next?

Make a shift from career planning to career discovery.

Get excited about new possibilities when you are stuck on finding direction.

You have direction, but you need to find exciting opportunities.

You have ideas about working for yourself, but you feel stuck.


Two fun activities to get help you find direction.

Reflect on where you've been to define a mission for where you might go next.

Follow your curiosity to connect to new ideas and smarter questions.


A short activity to define what matters.

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Duration: 1 to 2 hours


Inspiration for when you don't know what you want next.

In this activity, you will put aside conventional career planning and give yourself permission to let go of assumptions and linear thinking.

Open new directions for career discovery and leave with a framework to start exploring what excites you.

This can be done as a solo activity, but we recommend working in a group or as a pair to help get out of your head and generate inspiration.

Duration: 1 to 2 hours


Learn about your next move with unconventional tactics.

Get advice from influencers without booking coffee.

Go to where the action is, without paying for a ticket.

Turn your exploration and skills building into a fun game.

Break In

Land gigs and create opportunity even when no job is posted.

Coming soon.

Coming soon.


Freelancing, consulting, or starting a side hustle.

We're building tools specific to solopreneurs so you can gain career flexibility, work remotely, or diversify your income.

If you are interested in being a 'solopreneur', send us a note about what you are interested in and what you feel stuck on. We'll do our best to provide resources and a discounted membership to BME.

Career 911

Sometimes you need to make a career change fast. That's why we're building a two-week intensive course with the option to work with a dedicated instructor.

The truth is that many jobs never land on job boards where your pretty resume is read by robots. No one wants to play that game. You need imaginative problem-solving that reliably produces creative answers to land your next gig.

If you are in Career 911, send us a question about what jobs you are looking for and what you feel stuck on. We'll do our best to provide resources :)

We're Almost There

Hi there! This section of the wayfinder tool is under construction. But we can still help! Tell us about what you feel stuck on and we'll share some resources along with a discounted BME membership.